Olive Branch, MS: Woman arrested after ‘deep-frying’ husband in pot of boiling oil for cheating

A 58-year old Olive Branch, Mississippi woman has been charged with homicide after officers made a gruesome discovery at the property she shared with her 65-year old husband of the past 28 years.

Officials were called to the home after neighbors reported a disgusting odor from the yard. Upon arrival, investigators discovered human remains inside a barrel which had been filled with oil and heated to boiling point.

“We had to wait for the oil to cool down before being able to retrieve the remains,” said one investigator. “The skin and flesh had melted off the bones completely, I’ve never seen anything like in over my 25-year career.”

A 58-year old woman, believed to be the wife of the deceased male in the barrel, was arrested at the scene and taken for questioning. In her statement, she admitted her responsibility for the crime, saying she had learnt her husband had been cheating on her.

“I drugged him with sleeping pills and tipped him into an empty barrel,” she admitted. After a trip to the grocery store, she returned with gallons of vegetable oil. “I was so mad at him for cheating on me, I wanted to scare him good. I didn’t mean for him to get hurt, I thought he’d wake up when the oil started heating up.”

When the fire under the barrel was lit, the woman said she was distracted by a phone call inside. “When I came back out the oil had reached boiling point and I tried to put out the fire [but] it was too late.”