Horry County, SC man contracts coronavirus after popping bubble wrap manufactured in China

An American from Horry County, South Carolina has tested positive for coronavirus after popping bubble wrap he received as packaging in a parcel delivery, authorities have said in a statement.

According to the statement, the man became ill after and after two days without improving he went to a local hospital where he tested positive for the deadly virus.

Having not recently travelled to any inflicted countries nor come into contact with anyone of Chinese decent, doctors were at a loss for how the man came in contact with the virus. It was only by a chance conversation about a recent delivery the man received that doctors questioned him about the contents of the packaging. Doctors decided to test bubble wrap and what they found was alarming.

According to Dr. Steven Wilbur, the air in the bubble wrap which was manufactured in China contained micro droplets of the virus which managed to survive in the sealed pocket. “upon popping the airports we believe the man then managed to inhale the virus particles.”

The man has been admitted at an undisclosed health facility and is staying in an isolation ward.

Countries around the world are starting to cut ties with China and pull their citizens out of the crisis-hit Hubei region, where the virus emerged in the city of Wuhan.

Hong Kong’s leader today held a press conference during which she wore a face mask and said the city would stop all high-speed trains and ferries to the mainland, halve the number of flights and stop giving visas to visitors from China.

Hundreds of cases around the world have confirmed the coronavirus is spreading from person to person outside of China among people who have not visited the country.