Weirton, WV: Girl dies from overdose after trying to ‘smoke meth through her anus’

A 23-year old Weirton, West Virginia woman who officials say tried to ‘smoke meth through her anus’ has died from an overdose of the drug.

Brittany Washington died from a massive overdose after her unusual attempt to smoke meth by placing a glass pipe into her anus caused her to absorb far more of the drug than would have been absorbed through normal methods.

“The anus is far more sensitive and much closer to internal organs, so whenever a drug user tries to take a substance anally there is a much higher risk of overdose,’ warned one drug expert. “In this case, she didn’t realize how much meth she was absorbing until it was too late.”

Ms Washington’s friends have described her as a bright, carefree woman who was excited about her new job at a nail salon. “She had big dreams for the future,” said one of her friends. “She wanted to open her own salon one day.”

It’s believed that Ms Washington got the idea for smoking meth through her anus after seeing a post on Facebook where a drug user said it led to a much greater high. “She also told me that she wanted to try it because she loved anal sex,” said her friend. “It’s just a tragedy and such a waste of a human life.”

Drug users are being urged not to consume drugs through their anus. “If you must smoke meth, then please do not do it in this way.”