Provo, Utah: Man arrested after admitting to ‘pooping daily in office coffee machine’ for past 8 years

A 62-year old man in Provo, Utah has been arrested on charges of food contamination after he admitted to having pooped daily into the coffee machine in his office for over eight years.

Francis Potter, an employee at a local accounting firm, says he first started defecating into the coffee bean compartment back in 2011 after he received a negative performance review.

“I’ve been working at this company for 30 years and a new manager came in and gave me a terrible review,” he told investigators. “I put my heart and soul into work everyday so it was just crushing to have someone criticize me like that.”

Mr Potter says he initially just put a ‘small dollop’ of his feces into the coffee bean holder out of anger at the criticism. “I was mad but obviously didn’t want to get fired so I just put a small chunk in to see what would happen.”

He says that after a while he grew more bold and started putting more and more of his turds into the machine. “Once I had terrible diarrhea and had to pour it all in from a carafe,” he said. “Still, nobody seemed to notice. In fact, some of my colleagues started to say that they preferred this particular coffee machine as it had a more exotic aroma.”

Unfortunately for Mr Potter, he was caught in the act of pooping directly into the coffee machine by a colleague earlier this week. He now faces a potential prison sentence for his crime, while the firm has terminated him immediately.