Jonesboro, Arkansas: Woman weighing over 350 pounds accused of eating 30 local cats and dogs

A morbidly obese woman in Jonesboro, Arkansas has been charged with animal cruelty after evidence emerged she had been eating dozens of cats and dogs reported missing by local pet owners.

32-year old Niambra Harper, who weighs over 350 pounds, was allegedly caught on a resident’s home security camera footage snatching the owner’s pet dachshund. Officers were able to trace Ms Harper’s licence plate and served a warrant at her property, where they made a gruesome discovery.

“The accused woman had a pot on the boil, and inside we found the missing dachshund – still with the collar attached,” said one of the officers. “We immediately took the suspect into custody and commenced a search of her residence.”

Collars belonging to dozens of missing animals were found inside Ms Harper’s apartment, and she later made a full statement confessing to eating the missing pets. “I just found them delicious,” he sobbed to investigators.

Owners of missing pets in the local area are being warned to prepare for the horrifying news that their beloved animals were potentially consumed by the accused. She faces a lengthy jail sentence if convicted on 84 charges of animal cruelty.