Conroe, Texas: Woman high on meth dies after pumping gasoline into her anus

A 37-year old Conroe, Texas woman has been killed after an overdose on meth caused her to insert a gas pump nozzle into her anus and begin pumping gasoline.

The woman, who is yet to be formally identified by authorities, is believed to have a record for multiple drug offences in Texas. Officials who are involved in the investigation believe the latest incident was caused by the woman overdosing on meth.

“The victim has been known to abuse multiple substances, but her drug of choice is meth,” said one investigator. According to witnesses, the woman ran across several lanes of traffic to the gas station and grabbed a pump nozzle before pulling down her skirt.

Horrified motorists looked on as the woman proceeded to shove the nozzle into her anus and begin pumping gas. “Oh that feels good!” she is said to have called out to the onlookers, who were too shocked to attempt to stop her.

The woman continued to pump gas until the cashier activated the emergency stop. She later collapsed onto the ground and paramedics were soon on the scene to provide assistance. However, the gasoline had flooded the woman’s internal organs after it was absorbed through her rectum.

“The gasoline entered her bloodstream and had a toxic effect, shutting down her key organs,” said one doctor who tried in vain to treat the woman when she arrived at hospital. “Unfortunately there was nothing we could do for her.”