Columbiana, AL: Woman charged after slicing off Tinder date’s testicles – and using them for fishing bait

A 33-year old Alabama woman from Shelby County is in police custody after she inflicted a brutal assault on a 39-year old local man who she had met through the Tinder dating app.

According to reports by local media, the Rebecca Gunther had matched with the victim earlier in the week after complimenting him on a picture of him during a fishing trip holding a large bass. Gunther allegedly told him she was a keen angler and wanted to join him for a fishing trip on his boat.

The man agreed and the pair went out on a fishing trip yesterday afternoon at Beeswax Creek Park. However, Gunther allegedly knocked the man unconscious with a fire extinguisher before taking a bait knife to his groin.

“It is alleged that the woman severed the man’s testicles before attaching them to her hooks and casting off into the sea,” said one investigator. The testicles proved popular bait with the woman soon catching several large fish.

Upon arrival back at the marina another fishing vessel saw the man lying unconscious at the bottom of the boat and raised the alarm. Gunther was apprehended a short time later.

There’s been no indication of what motivated Gunther’s heinous crime, but a family member says she has a history of substance abuse. “Lately she’s been on a lot of meth which may have had an influence on this episode.”